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Tips for great food styling (in the kitchen, not the studio)

Food photography is perhaps the most challenging of all. It’s about striking the right balance between that which is real and the type of imagery we call art. Just like painting a picture, the photo is constructed in layers. It encompasses everything from making and styling the food to the actual act of capturing its […]

Guide to successful Instagram – for restaurant owners

As people love to look at food, Instagram is a restaurant’s number one little helper. A successful profile with quality posts is guaranteed to attract guests without the need to spend tons of money for advertisement. The following tips will help you discover your restaurant’s voice. Interact and engage with your target audiences by persuading […]

7 tips to styling The best flatlay

If you are an Instagramer or content creator, flat lays are the perfect type of photos for you. Especially if you’re interests lie in fashion, cosmetics or food. You can include all three in one photo, and by doing so, tell a really powerful story. Overall, Instagram is a very friendly community, so if your […]